[URGENT] Recruitment: Annual Competition Preparation Committee

Friday, April 1, 2011 |

We would like to invite members (old and new) to partake in the event by assisting the project teams, who will be competing in the SIFE World Cup. The following are the talents we will be needing:

1.) Video Editor

2.) PowerPoint expert

3.) Photoshop expert ( to help with the designing of the Annual Report)

Application Details: Apply ASAP by email to President Edgar Kwan

Recruitment: New Management Board for the Year 2011/2012

Nomination period: Present to 3rd May, 2011


SIFErs who are passionate to serve the community, courageous, responsible, ready to take up the leading role, patient in listening to others' opinions, enthusiastic in encouraging other SIFErs and boosting their team morale, innovative in making all sorts of changes and determined to bring out positive impacts to the society through the positive power of business


  • managing the whole team and deciding the direction for the team
  • play various other roles such as Heads / D. Heads of functional teams or project managers
Application Method: Interested SIFers will need to submit a nomination form. Please contact President Edgar Kwan if you did not receive one via email

SIFE Project Highlight (3) - BetterFly

Since the commencement of our project for 6 months, we have remained focused on transforming the life of the youth by delivering inspiring training workshops and programmes, with Design Thinking and Life Coaching as our core elements.

Design Thinking is actually a methodology that facilitates practical and creative reso-lution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. It is the essen-tial ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success. Unlike analytical thinking, design thinking is a creative pro-cess based around the "building up" of ideas. Outside the box thinking is encour-aged in the early stage of developing al-ternatives since this can often lead to cre-ative solutions.

Currently we have a strong team active in business as well as networking. In Better-Fly, we help each team member to achieve personal development by constantly par-ticipating in meaningful workshops and events, with 2-4 each week on average. In the coming months, we will be conducting more prototypes of our training workshops for both secondary schools and university students. At the same time, we plan to launch a professional design thinking as-sociation based in Hong Kong. We are looking forward to the great progress ahead!